Public Access Plan for Mokio/Pu’u Kaeo Lands

Molokai Land Trust Press Release

On July 1, 2009, the Molokai Land Trust (MLT) initiated an access management plan for the 1,600 acres of the Mokio/Pu'u Kaeo Lands in northwest Molokai for which it holds a 99-year lease.  

Reservations for non-commercial hunting of Axis deer and day time fishing and ocean gathering on weekends and holidays can be made over the phone to the MLT Office (553-5626).  Waiver of liability and permit forms can be filled out during MLT office hours (8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday). 

Those seeking access for fishing, gathering or hunting, need to have 4-wheel drive vehicles and be familiar with the landscape.  All access roads are unpaved and rough and slippery after rains.  Trails are steep and undeveloped.  The area is remote, steep, dry and subject to flash floods, sharp or slippery objects, landslides, gusty winds and rough surf.  There is no potable water, bathroom facilities, telephone coverage or shelters.  There may be unexploded ordnance in the area which should be avoided and reported if found. 

The mission of the Molokai Land Trust is to protect and restore the land, natural and cultural resources of Molokai, and to perpetuate the unique Native Hawaiian traditions and character of the islands for the benefit of the future generations of all Molokai, particularly Native Hawaiians.


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