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Prize Fighters

Molokai Southside Boxing Club’s Michaiah Soares. Photo by Laura Pilz.

The crowd at Molokai High School’s Barn cheered wildly as the official raised 15-year-old Michaiah Soares’ hand as the winner of his match. Soares, who has been training with Molokai Southside Boxing Club for the past two years, defeated his opponent Tre Acang after three two-minute bouts. The win brings his amateur fighting record to 3-1.

Fighters from across the state traveled to compete in the Molokai Southside Boxing Invitational, the first sanctioned amateur boxing event on Molokai. Other victors from Molokai included Jordan Manangan, age 10, Kazmero Zeithammel, 13, Simon Blair, 19 and Hunter Manaba, 15. The event on Saturday featured 21 matches.

After the match, Soares said he felt very good about the outcome of his fight. For now, he said he is “just waiting for the next fight to come along, ready to win more.”

Boxing Invitational Molokai Results

Pierce Dela Cruz –Molokai SS BC                          Lose
Lahilahi Manaba (Female) –Molokai SS BC              Lose
Jayven Dudoit-Tabilangan –Molokai SS BC              Lose
Kealoha Kanawaliwali –Molokai SS BC                     Lose
Joseph Ballocanag –Molokai SS BC                         Lose
Jordan Manangan –Molokai SS BC                          Win
Kazmero Zeithammel –Molokai SS BC                       Win
Sione Kaalekahi-Mauala –TNT Molokai BC                 Lose
Jesse Dudoit –Molokai SS BC                                   Lose
John Pol Espejo –TNT Molokai BC                             Lose
Simon Blair –Molokai SS BC                                     Win
Springsteen Stampson –Molokai SS BC                     Lose
Michaiah Soares –Molokai SS BC                             Win
Pulama Paleka –Molokai SS BC                                Lose
Hunter Manaba –Molokai SS BC                               Win


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    There was one you forgot which was pierce Kaulia dela cruz

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