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Primary Election Results

Last Saturday, Molokai residents cast their ballots at one of four polling locations. The winners from each political party in the primary election will go on to appear on the general election ballot in November. In the primary, voters could only select candidates within their designated parties, or else the vote will be discarded. In the general election, they may vote for party or nonpartisan candidates.

State-wide Results
One candidate from each party for each race moves on to the General Election, where voters will choose between a Republic or Democratic candidate for each seat. In the race for U.S. Senator, Mazie Hirono (Democrat) won with 56.8 percent, while Linda Lingle secured the Republican nomination with 90.2 percent of statewide votes.
For U.S. Representative for District 2, candidates moving on will be Tulsi Gabbard (D), who secured 54 percent of Democratic votes, and Kawika Crowley (R) with 45 percent of Republican votes.

For State Senator, District 7, the candidate will be J. Kalani English (D) who secured 66.8 percent of votes. Molokai’s nonpartisan Kanohowailuku Helm did not receive enough votes to advance to the general election.

For State Representative, District 13, the candidates will be Mele Carroll (D) who secured 76.7 percent of votes, and Simon S. Russell (R) with 65.1 percent.

Maui County Council candidates that will appear on the November ballot will be Michael Victorino, for the Wailuku-Waihee-Waikapu area, and Don S. Guzman for Kahului. Molokai seat candidates Stacy Helm Crivello and Manuwai Peters will also appear on the general ballot in November.

Molokai Voters

On Molokai, 4,014 people registered to vote this year. Of that number, 844 voted at one of the four polling locations on Saturday –Kilohana, Kaunakakai, Maunaloa and Kualapu`u. Additionally, voters could have cast their votes through absentee or mail-in ballots.

The majority of voters in all four precincts on Molokai favored Tulsi Gabbard over fellow democratic candidate Mufi Hannemann for U.S. Representative, District 2. Gabbard secured 385 votes on Molokai, whereas Hannemann fell short with 173. Esther Kia`aina, another democratic candidate, had 57 Molokai votes.

For State Senator, District 7, Molokai voters favored democratic candidate Barbara Haliniak, who secured 327 Molokai votes on Saturday. Democratic incumbent J. Kalani English received 267, and nonpartisan candidate Kanohowailuku Helm received 126. Helm needed 10 percent of the total votes in District 7 to make it onto the general ballot in November, which he failed to receive.


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