Preserving the Stories of Molokai

Hokulani CTOM News Release

The Hokulani Children’s Theater of Molokai (CTOM) invites kupuna to share their stories in the ‘Preserving the Stories of Molokai’ children’s book project.
This unique initiative seeks to bring together the wisdom of Molokai’s kupuna, or elders, with the creativity of our keiki, or children, to create a timeless collection of stories that celebrate our rich heritage and impart valuable life lessons.
We are calling upon our beloved kupuna to participate in this special project by sharing stories from their childhood that taught them important life lessons. These stories will be retold by our keiki, who, working with kupuna, will also illustrate them — capturing the essence and spirit of Molokai’s traditions for future generations.
Participants will have the opportunity to work with Kumu Kilia Purdy-Avelino to learn the traditional Hawaiian style of storytelling. We welcome kupuna who are artists, storytellers, or simply wish to learn and share their experiences.
Workshops will be held every Wednesday in July from 3 to 5 p.m. at Home Pumehana’s Main Hall. These sessions promise to be a wonderful blend of education, creativity, and community bonding.
For more information or to register, please contact Anne Steinke at 808-673-5083.


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