Prayer Banner, Not Message, Taken

I want to thank Scarlet Ritte and her ohana publicly for her colorful, bold and whimsical public art work in Kaunakakai.  She also created an amazing yellow banner of flowers and dragonflies saying “We’re praying for you.”  It was hung on the fence of Kaunakakai Baptist Church facing our elementary school to welcome students, teachers, staff and administration back to a new school year.  Last week someone took it.  But no one can take the truth of the words away.  Yes, we are still praying for Kaunakakai Elementary and for all our island schools.  We are still praying for you, including whoever took the banner.  Maybe they needed a pretty blanket.  Prayer changes things.  God hears the heartfelt prayers of His people.  He loves you.  Our island is known for the powerful prayers that turn the enemy away “MOLOKA`I PULE O`O.”  Please join us in praying for our island that we will truly love God and one another, with or without a banner. 


Lynette Schaefer


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