Post Office Closure is a Problem

We have a problem — you might have heard about the closing of our post office in Maunaloa. This is a terrible situation for all of us who live out where mail is not delivered. As you probably know, the building is old and should have been condemned long ago. It has limited hours and the working conditions are horrible for those who have to work there.

Now, we have to drive a long way to Ho’olehua to get what is being sorted. It is placed outside behind their office — who knows what will happen when it rains as this is in open air. Clifford is doing a wonderful job in terrible circumstances.

We need help now. Mail is not even coming through. I am waiting for tax information mailed on Feb. 2 along with other items. I feel for those who depend on the mail for their medications. Yes, this is a burden on seniors.

As you know Maunaloa is shuttered — meaning there are lots of available buildings for relocation. The employees deserve better as do residents no matter whether they live in Maunaloa or all over the West End.

With aloha,

Edie Anderson


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