Post-election statement from Mayor-elect Tavares

Now that the results from the election are in, it is time to acknowledge the efforts of all candidates and their supporters so that the community can move forward together. It is important to honor and respect each other, to take the time to listen and learn from the many perspectives represented here. Maui County is fortunate to have so many active and dedicated people who are ready and willing to offer their ideas and services to the community. Now we must look forward together with focus and purpose.

In the days ahead, it will be important to reach out—across party lines, across branches of government and throughout the community to find the resources and solutions needed to address the complex problems before us. Building and renewing relationships with federal and state officials and with our County Council is essential. Developing a team of experienced and knowledgeable people to serve as members of a new administration will also be key to making a difference. An effective and responsive government is possible only through the commitment of capable and talented people who are dedicated to accomplishing the goals and objectives necessary to achieving a new vision.

That new vision includes a community in balance. A balance between a strong and diversified economy and the preservation of those qualities that make Maui County so special—from the expressive spirit of our diverse cultures to the spectacular beauty of our natural resources.

  • A community with sufficient water for agriculture, stream flow restoration and affordable and workforce housing.
  • A community with safe and clean drinking water.
  • A community with decent and affordable places to live.
  • A community whose energy needs are met through greater and greater use of renewable energy to reduce our dependency on expensive offshore fossil fuels, diversify our economy and provide greater energy security.
  • A community with a sustainable agricultural economy with the capacity to grow more and more of our own food and fuel.
  • A community with beautiful open space, well-maintained parks, and ongoing stewardship of our ocean resources.
  • A community with the roads and highways and transportation systems needed to move people and goods throughout the islands.

This vision is one for all of Maui County. Now it’s time to bring it to life!


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