Policies and Employment

As we all know employment is very crucial to find here on Moloka’i.  As for me I’ve been looking for employment and I’m sure of myself that everyone else is.  Some employment places didn’t consider my Resume although experience is very high in the employment task.  I also applied at another opening to which I have very well experience in and they also didn’t hire because I’m related to a worker there. I think being that I have a relative that I’ll be working under wouldn’t affect me because I will try even harder to impress my “BOSS”, so that they wouldn’t think that I would be reducing my ability to work.  It is really inconsiderate of all these employers on Moloka’i, being that the economy is not in its best condition and that there are people or say individuals with very high experience in what is being asked for and you can’t hire them due to relatives or they just moved back from another island. VERY inconsiderate & FAVORITISM. Alot of people say the term “It’s who you know!” which I think is very very racial and everyone is supposed to be an equal employer!

People or companies should change there policies or bring it up in board meetings because IT isn’t fair to anyone who has to deal with people and employers like this.

I hope the dispatch publishes this article in the news to let everyone know!


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