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By Kumu Alestra Menendez

If you are like me, you love poetry. Its cadence and profound ideas, packed into lovely phrases and poignant words.  As a teacher of writing, poetry is the most fluid and fun genre for me to teach.  It is the Avant-garde genre, the one that breaks the rules and holds its meaning between the lines, the genre that requires it be read aloud to fully savor and appreciate its beauty.

Former U.S. poet laureate Ted Kooser believes that, “Before you can write one poem, you must read one hundred.”  With the help of teacher Barbara Brake, the fifth grade students of Kilohana Elementary School have embarked upon their poetic journey by reading the works of Shel Silverstein, Kaimalino Woo Andrade, Walt Whitman and Joy Harjo among others. The students were captivated and began at once to craft their own poems. The school librarian tells me that during recess, many now give up dodge ball and snacks to come into the library and read from the section on poetry.

Write on poets.

Inside this pencil…
By Willy Ka`auwai

There’s words that’s never been read
Or even words that’s never been said
They fear to come out
Like a flower waiting to sprout
There’s only one word in this world
What is that word there in the air
No there in my hair
No there on that hare
All these words
Just won’t share
On word
In a herd.

Inside this Pencil…

By Nadia Augustino

There are words that are scary
People say it is hidden and it won’t come out
They are hiding
There is a lead that I use
To do my homework
It’s a good pencil

Inside this pencil…
By Linaka Akutagawa

You will look deep inside
you will see a little
Person on that pencil
They will make you laugh
Do your homework
All stuff that you want   

By Noah Archuleta

I see the wave along the Horizon
It’s blue like the sky
I see the green palm tree
Glowing in my eye
Just like them fireflies
I am sitting
Waiting for this
Spill wave
Here it comes, So
I guess this is Goodbye.


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