Pilot Tribute

The woman on the right is my sister Bobbie, known to the people in Kalaupapa as “Airplane Bobbie.”

My sister is a pilot and we often fly to Kalaupapa, as well as neighboring islands. When she found out about Pacific Wings prices, she has been frequently flying the service workers up for free. At times, they donate a little gas money, as the price of aircraft fuel is through the roof, but she is not paid to do this, and she loses money every time she takes off. It’s not the money that drives her, but her enormous good heart, and wanting to help others.

She also freely gives her time to charities and helping the youth of Hawaii. The two young ladies in this photo had never been off of Oahu, and she took them to Kalaupapa so that they may experience something that they would not have a chance of do otherwise. Putting smiles on faces is what she’s about.

Molokai has a special place in our hearts, especially Kalaupapa, it truly is “the Friendly Isle” Mahalo

Jeffrey Mallin


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