Philosophy & Values

Our Motto
The island’s news source since 1985

We stress the importance of small-town independent media and work to promote “hyper-local news” that appeals to the immediate Molokai community.

Our Philosophy
The Molokai Dispatch serves as the voice of the island by gathering and disseminating information, inspiring new ideas, and encouraging dialogue for the purpose of empowering our community, promoting accountability among our leaders, and perpetuating the unique cultural legacy of our island.

Guidelines & Values
We’ve worked hard to provide a solid foundation for all Molokai Dispatch contributors. Interested to know more about the principles that guide us? Presented here is a list of values that each of us does our best to abide by:

  • Loyalty – Be committed to the vision and mission of The Molokai Dispatch.
  • Humility and Honesty – Be receptive in your communications and truthful with your intentions.
  • Integrity – Do what you say; follow through. Be responsible for your actions.
  • Excellence and Enthusiasm – Have pride in your work and strive to exceed expectations. Be positive and take initiative
  • Creativity – Think out of the box when problem solving. Be inde­pendent and original in approach to your work.
  • Investigation – Do your homework; seek history and truth.
  • Efficiency and Teamwork – Work smart, work hard, and work as a team.
  • Minimize Harm – Show compassion and realize the power of mass communication.