A Perfect Day at the Races

Molokai Canoe Racing Association enjoys great conditions and tough competition during its second regatta of the 2007 season.

“We had nice conditions, the wind picked up later on and it got tough, but it was all good. Nice sunny day and good participation,” said Bojo “Chocolate” Morris, a member of the Kukui crew.

The Molokai Canoe Club hosted the regatta, manning the concession stand and recording the official times.

In addition to beating their Molokai competitors, paddlers were also concentrating on improving their times in order to surpass the records of canoe clubs from neighboring islands. The Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association times were posted on the fence for paddlers to check out and compare their own times with.

With the conclusion of today’s regatta, paddlers are now half way through the race season. According to Rita Kalihiki, MCRA director, the Molokai canoe clubs have two more races on Molokai, July 7 and July 21, before the top teams head to the state championship in August.



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