Peace and Quiet

Don’t you see everyone and me
down here planting mango trees
trying to find peace of mind and god
forbid, some quiet time
I can’t seem to find the reason you must rhyme
the past with the present
but your noise is unpleasant to say the least
as you rumble too close for comfort
in that death breathing beast
half helicopter, half dragon, half man, and half plane
your noise hurts more than just my ears
because I know why it is you train
and I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen the pain
that you rain down from your perch in the sky
from way up on high where you can’t see
their eyes, so you don’t see
the humanity of those you make die
and I hope at least you wonder why it is you fly
way too close behind an aging lie
as you train to kill by filling the sky
above places like here in Kaunakakai
with a rumbling, a thunder, a chop, chop, chop,
constantly cutting through the peace and quiet
and it never seems to stop
like a water drop dripping and dripping and dripping
and a scratched 45 record skipping and skipping and skipping
and they keep on shipping and shipping and shipping you
from here to where the west has already been through
at least a time or two or three or four
it’s always war that you’re preparing for
in these otherwise quiet and peaceful skies
where you always fly too close behind
American lies

Jayson R. Mizula


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