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Patient Portal Puts Patients at Forefront

MCHC News Release

The Molokai Community Health Center (MCHC), in an on-going effort to provide patient driven care, has spent the past year investing in the development and implementation of the best technological tools to better service our patients.

Initially, our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) were introduced in mid 2009 providing a quick and efficient way for our doctors to access patient information and coordinate services with other specialists.

With this same focus in mind: to provide quality care based on quality information, MCHC will be introducing the newly developed Patient Portal designed for the patient’s needs first.  This on-line, web-based Patient Portal will be provided to all MCHC patients, at no additional cost, with the goal of providing our patients direct access to all of their very own health information, originally only available inside the clinic.

How it Works: All the Way Around Convenience

•    Customized Patient Care:  MCHC patients are provided their very own secure account, so your health-related information stays private.
•    Internet Based:  since the portal is managed on-line, patients are able to access their accounts from any computer, smart-phone, or tablet at any time.
•    Health Records:  all health records related to the patient is available to the patient.
•    Direct Communication to your Provider:  the portal allows you, the patient, to directly contact your provider through email format.
•    Schedule Requests:  schedule your appointments through your portal account without ever picking up the phone.
•    Submit Paperwork & Results:  all paperwork or home-tests needed by your provider will be available on your account to be completed in the comfort of your own home.

Our hope is that this will be a resource to our patients to have the ability to access and manage their own healthcare at their own convenience.  We encourage you to ask about it at your next visit or call for more information, 553-5038.

Stay tuned as upcoming articles of MCHC’s new team members and highlights of some of the exciting new services and programs being offered are introduced.


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