Paka`a Settles in West Molokai

Part III of a continuing legend

By Catherine Aki

 .  Being that this is a rather old legend, coming from around the 1500’s or so, these names have been around for quite some time. 

After a while, Paka`a and Hikauhi have a son who they name Kuapaka`a, named after the scaly skin that Keawenuiaumi got as a result of drinking too much `awa. During this time, Paka`a’s life is sweet and filled with contentment.  As soon as the boy is old enough to talk, Paka`a begins to teach him the wind chants.  Time moves on and Paka`a works hard providing for his family and raising his son. 

In the meantime, on the Big Island, Keawenuiaumi has realized he has been duped and made a fool by the two enemies. He becomes aware of their lack of care and how badly they manage the resources. However, in public he says nothing but in private, he weeps longing again for Paka`a’s clever attentiveness. Finally, he has had enough and decides to go looking for Paka`a. 

He calls upon his kahuna to find where Paka`a is staying.  They can only confirm that he is alive but his location remains hidden from them. In the night, the two dream of the other.  Keawenuiaumi calling, “I am looking for you”.  And Paka`a answering, “I am far away on Ka`ula”, a small islet northwest of Ni`ihau.  Both awake with a  purpose.  The ali`i firms up his intentions to look for Paka`a.   Paka`a plans for a visit from his chief. 

But, nothing is simple.  There are numerous complications which prevent Keawenuiaumi from even getting started on his plans, let alone his journey. However, that is a story for another issue.


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