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Paddlers Closed for Roaches

Paddlers Inn Restaurant and Bar has been temporarily closed down by the Department of Health last week after finding a cockroach infestation and other sanitation concerns.

“An inspection of the restaurant was conducted on May 7 in response to a complaint and based on violations found during earlier health inspections,” stated a DOH press release. “A red [‘closed’] placard has been posted at the establishment to protect public health.”

DOH Communications Director Janice Okubo described the presence of roaches as “a pretty bad infestation.”

“The inspector received a complaint about a cockroach infestation, dirty ventilation, and grease on the floor at Paddlers Restaurant and Bar on April 4, 2019,” she said. “Initial contact with the owner was made on April 9 explaining the complaint.”

Since then, the restaurant has been working with the DOH and an extermination company to correct the issue.

“We are taking it very seriously, we are doing everything possible,” said Paddlers owner and manager Heather Gegoux.

She said she is hopeful the restaurant will reopen this week, after meeting DOH requirements.

Those requirements include the pest control company sending a written notice to the DOH of successful removal of the infestation, and the DOH inspector revisiting the restaurant to give the green light to reopen.

“After the DOH came, we pulled everything out of the kitchen, pressure washed everything,” said Gegoux. “We’ve done it all… disinfect everything, washed every plate, utensil and surface.”

Okubo said all single service items that roaches may have contaminated must be disposed of, along with all open food items, in additional to all electrical equipment and appliances thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

“When a commercial food establishment doesn’t have routine pest control services, a pest infestation can occur,” explained Okubo. “DOH inspectors are very careful when making the decision to issue a Red ‘Closed’ placard to a food establishment. There was a significant roach infestation observed by the DOH inspector which requires more than a few days to reduce the population of roaches below the level of public health concern. DOH will work with the owner to ensure the establishment meets food safety requirements.”

Gegoux said moving forward, the restaurant will be consistently exterminating weekly and doing regular deep cleaning of the kitchen.


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