Organizers of Moratorium Cry Foul


Purdy replied “it’s not a personal thing; it’s about the water, the future of our families.” She later added “we don’t have time for legal battles, we just want to get this project off the ground,” and repeated her disinterest in pursuing litigation several times before the meeting came to a close. 

Growing tension between both sides led to continued accusations of ulterior motives and hidden intentions regarding the project.  Machado scrutinized the task force letter repeatedly, saying “there’s something under the current here.”  

She was rebuffed by activist Hanohano Naehue who explained in football terms that “KAL(Ke Aupuni Lokahi, the EC’s full title) has thrown the first elbow and not been seen.  That’s a foul.  There are undercurrents definitely, but it’s not coming from our side.”

Although the agenda for the next meeting has not been released, the Water Task Force hopes to continue discussion when the EC board convenes at 4.00 p.m. on Thursday, February 15.  The meeting will be preceded by an election on January 31 where two board members will be voted in from a list of six.  Both Machado and fellow board member Claud Sutcliff are preparing to defend their seats. 


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