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Online Hawaiian Cultural Lessons

Ka Hale Hoaka News Release

Ka Hale Hoaka student ʻOlena Nikaido reconnects with her Hawaiian roots, from her new home in Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Parents seeking to transform “shelter-in-place” into a cultural learning adventure will be happy to discover Ka Hale Hoaka, taught by Molokai’s Maile Naehu. This new learning environment offers lessons in Hawaiian language and culture designed for students aged 5 through 11. Learners of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and places of residence are warmly welcomed. Although the introductory course began on March 31, registration remains open for the remainder of the free Introductory Series, held online at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays through April 16. Register at kahalehoaka.com or visit Ka Hale Hoaka on Facebook for details. Registration includes access to previous recorded lessons.

“We designed Ka Hale Hoaka to fill a need for enjoyable home-based learning when COVID-19 closed the schools,” explained Kumu (teacher) Maile Naehu. “By learning online through an indigenous lens, we aim to teach youth how to better navigate today’s world through deep connections to family and nature. Indigenous values are both timeless and universal, and this unanticipated lock-down period provides the perfect opportunity for entire families to rediscover these truths together.”

Ka Hale Hoaka is a new Hawaii-inspired learning environment that explores cultural beliefs, traditions and practices rooted in a Hawaiian perspective. Kumu Maile takes traditional concepts and weaves them together with contemporary life to create a course that is fun, engaging and enlightening. Participants learn together through story, language, song and creativity using the rich traditional teachings of Hawaii Nei.

Kumu Maile Naehu of Ka Hale Hoaka

Kumu Maile Naehu is a Native Hawaiian educator, performer, artist, and community organizer from the island of Molokai. She applies indigenous philosophies to Mo’olelo; (oral tradition), ‘Olelo Hawaii; (Hawaiian language), Hula and Oli; (dance and chant). By teaching storytelling through various forms of artistic expression, her haumana (students) develop their communication skills, self-confidence, and critical thinking abilities.

Ka Hale Hoaka is a new online school based out of a rural, off-the-grid home on Molokai. Founded upon the belief that ancient wisdom holds the answers to modern problems, the curriculum is based upon the Hawaiian proverb, “I ka wa ma mua, i ka wa ma hope,” meaning the future is in our past. Visit kahalehoaka.com or our Facebook page to learn more.


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