The One Percent

One percent served, fought, and many died so ninety-nine percent could have freedom today.  Because of that one percent who served and protected America, the wealthy one percent owns 60 percent of our economy and possibly the world.

On 11/11/11, our country and Molokai honored the veteran and military one percent with ceremony, parades, speeches, etc.  Coming from a veteran, ought not the wealthy one percent help the economy a little more so that the “have not” ninety-nine percent can have a little?

Mahalo Molokai Veterans Ted Johns and Bo Mahoe who co-chaired the Molokai Veterans Day event.  Great job!  Mahalo to all people who attended.  Special mahalo to retired Colonel Sue Horner, retired Captain Arizona Aki, Ray Foster (Molokai Chamber of Commerce), John Aki, Alexandro Macone, Kelly and his platoon, Franklin and Priest, and Clay Adachi.  Mahalo kudos to Friendly Market, Kanemitzu Bakery, Maui Parks and Recreation, Misakis, Molokai Dispatch, Kelly Richardson and the Molokai Intermediate students, Monsanto, and all those who brought goodies.  Mahalo Alyce and Sylvia for the lei, Hotel Molokai, and Molokai Pizza Café.

Also, agree or disagree, the veteran and military one percent continue to give citizens the freedom and right to protest Wall Street, Main Street, APEC, and even a yacht coming to Molokai.

Larry Helm, Citizen
Commander, MVCV


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