On the Edge

Community Contributed

By Ted Kanemitsu

Editor’s note: This photo was contributed by Ted Kanemitsu through the Molokai Dispatch Facebook page, with the caption, “Sometimes getting the best view requires taking risks.”

457087_4662545693621_1844566132_oMy reason for sharing my images with viewers of the Dispatch Facebook page is because I know that there are many locals and visitors alike who cannot be here as much as they would like. A glimpse of home, especially during long, hard winter months, warms the heart and the soul. It makes one appreciate what we have even more.

On this particular day, I was hiking along the north shore sea cliff with my dog Pokahu. I found this neat little ledge that I was able to get to, and started taking pictures. As I scanned the terrain for photo ops, I thought how neat it would be if I could get a shot of myself looking down with the cliffs as a background. I put the camera on the tripod and set the timer for 10 seconds and scrambled over to the pre designated spot. I think it took two or three shots to get the one I wanted. I lost my lens cap there that day. It ended up going over the edge.


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