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On the Campaign Trail

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By Barbara Haliniak

As a registered candidate for the State House in the 2014 Primary Elections, I received an invitation from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser to participate in the Voter’s Guide that will be published in print and on-line.

If the Star-Advertiser uses the same criterion as in the 2012 elections, we were asked several questions, but only two were published.  So to give you voters an opportunity to review the Star-Advertiser’s key issue questions that may not appear in the publication, I will provide you the five questions that were asked and my responses which were limited to 50 words each.

1) What makes you qualified to be a state representative?

My passionate commitment, proven leadership skills, knowledge as a business owner, employer for sixteen years, immeasurable experiences and networks I have acquired gives me a deep understanding of community issues, small business economics, and the need to balance economics, community values and the environment.

2) Do you support the constitutional amendment to allow public money to be spent on private preschool?  Why?

Yes, all children should have an opportunity to advance their learning before going to kindergarten no matter where they live or who they are.  Many times mentioned that children are our future, we need to walk the talk by providing these children early education opportunities for their lifelong success.

3) Should there be additional restrictions on development in Kakaako?  Why?

Who are they trying to kid? The Kakaako development plans are for the rich and famous.  Must keep public parking available, ensure traffic flow by installing stacking lanes if needed, and must have open space for public to enjoy the smell of the ocean and not the sewer.

4) Would you privatize the state hospital system?  Why?

Yes, because it works.  Take Molokai General Hospital, it was in dire straits at one time.  Queens took over and now patients have much needed top notch services available here.  Take Maui Memorial, in dire straits wants to go private.  To optimize this process outsource to a local company.

5) What is your one big idea?

Change the voting process by outsourcing and implementing a statewide permanent absentee ballot only and do away with the current voting process.  This is a convenient way for voters to cast their ballots, avoid problems at precincts and control government spending for elections.

Vote “We the People” on in the Primary Election on Aug. 9.  For more info visit my website at barbarahaliniakforstatehouse13.com.


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