The Old John Sabas

I thought it might be interesting for Molokai readers to get to know who John Sabas was before he became general manager of community affairs for Molokai Ranch. The following is an editorial that John wrote for the Honolulu Star Bulletin on Monday, September 19, 1994 entitled “Molokaians Aren’t Fooled by Ranch Missionaries.”

“The Sept. 5 View Point column by James Mozley, president of Molokai Ranch, smacked of the ‘ole missionary attitude.’ Judging from Mozley’s comments about what he thinks is best for Molokai, it appears that some of Hawaii’s new breed of missionaries have found an accommodating place of employment with New Zealand-owned Molokai Ranch.

He may soon find that impressing politicians on Maui and Oahu is only one part of the puzzle in dealing with an island like Molokai. Paying high-priced consultants may help improve Molokai Ranch’s questionable image elsewhere, but that tactic has yet to yield dividends on Molokai. And dividing the community by pitting one resident against another will never work.

It is most unfortunate that the lessons of the past are never quite learned by people like Mozley. He and his friends might eventually understand that Molokai and its people will do perfectly well without the attitudes of ghosts from missionaries past. 

John R. Sabas
Kaunakakai, Molokai


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