Is Obama’s Mama Being Trumped?

After two and a half years of Obama’s presidency, why would TV networks like CNN and FOX give Donald Trump media time to question President Obama’s birthplace?  One of the qualifications to be a candidate for the Presidency is the person must be a natural born citizen of the United States. Is Donald Trump disputing the credibility of the CIA, FBI, and the Secret Service?

Whether a person is right, left, middle, or wrong on issues, how gullible is our media?  Does money buy news today?  By the media allowing misinformation to be disseminated it can create negative results to people who jump the gun.  Why would media give someone time to use the rewind button?  We in Hawaii know that Barrack Obama is local born.  We know Obama’s mama gave birth at Kapiolani Hospital.

Trump wanting to be President of the United States is very dangerous by spreading information that can incite racism, etc. Mahalo to the Hawaiians who never trumped Donald so that he could build his million dollar condos in Waikiki. Lucky you come Hawaii.

Larry Helm


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