Not-so-Great Cancellation on Friendly Isle

My husband and I have visited Molokai for 13 years and have found the people and the island beautiful.  We stay on the west side because of the golf course.  We have also enjoyed the movie theatre, grocery store and Lodge in Maunaloa Town.  Everyone we came into contact with on the island was so very nice to us.  Molokai is truly the ‘Friendly Isle’. 

We had already secured a condo for next year and had planned to stay much longer this time. We have been following the events in the last few weeks with great sadness. 

Because of these events we have cancelled our trip.  All of the jobs lost and the trickle-down effect that will follow is truly going to hurt the island and its people.

We used to visit Lanai, Maui and Hawaii but our hearts have been on Molokai.  Your island is truly something very unique and we fear that the conflict at present could negatively transform what we have found to be a very extraordinary place. 

As an example of lost revenues for just one couple we would like to illustrate the effect.  Our stay was from December 28, 2007 until February 16, 2008.

Condo Rental $5100, Groceries $694, Golf (17 times) $1806, Molokai Lodge $2628, Molokai Wines $966, Paddlers Inn $810, Molokai Hotel $226, Car Rental $1789, Gas $261, Misc. (airfare, drugstore, massage) $6611. Total :$20891

We hope that Molokai’s current circumstances find a speedy solution.




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