Not “Activist” but “Advocates”

It's time those who really are responsible for the closure of MPL stand up and take the jerk. MPL is closing because of financial failures. MPL couldn't provide water to proposed La'au Pt. millionaire community and couldn't adequately provide protection for endangered monk seals, plants and Moloka'i's very limited resources. MPL couldn't get the EIS approved.

The previous EIS was almost denied by the LUC until MPL withdrew the EIS by the prompting of a LUC member. The "lengthy consultation with the community" concluded Moloka'i community was against the development of La'au Pt. because it would kill our lifestyle, deplete our natural resources, and would not protect our endangered species. Were we expected to close our eyes to these important issues and allow developers destroy the "last Hawaiian island" for their financial gain?

MPL threatened their employees if they didn't push the plan they would lose their jobs. Many employees left beforehand because of these threats. MPL's game plan was to divide and conquer and this is the grand finale. Hard working community members compiled alternatives that would provide revenues to MPL but the compilation was not even reviewed. MPL executive director stated the Molokai community would have the final say in regards to the La'au Pt development and he closed his ears to valuable information from Molokai experts and Kupuna.

"Opponents" are not just fighting for the pleasure of it. We are advocating our rights as a people and protecting our limited resources. Moloka'i advocates are scapegoats for MPL's failures and the "loyal employees" are MPL's pawn. Place the credit where it's due, and don't promise what won't be done.


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