Norman Henry DeCosta

Norman Henry DeCosta passed away on Jan. 10, 2024. Born July 30, 1945, he is survived by his wife, Doreen Hokunani DeCosta, two sons, Norman Henry DeCosta, Jr., and Michael Louis DeCosta, 10 grandchildren, eight brothers and sister.

Norman served his country in Vietnam, returning to Hawaii as a Combat Wounded Purple Heart Veteran.

Upon his return to Hawaii he picked up his guitar and learned to play Hawaiian Mele and slack key guitar from the kupunas at Kaneohe Kupuna Program — all in the “old style.” He was dedicated to preserving everything that the kupunas taught him.

Norman played at various events in Honolulu often with his hula dancer, Hokunani. He moved to Molokai in 1988 where he continued to play his slack key guitar keeping the tradition of the “old style.” Norman produced a CD, intended just for his wife and sons. The producer liked the CD so much he convinced Norman to make it available to the public. It took the producer two years to convince Norman to do it.

Norman’s greatest love was his wife of 58 years, his two sons and grandchildren.
He will be placed in a niche reserved for Combat Wounded Purple Heart Veterans on Feb. 13, 2024 at the Kaneohe Veterans’ Cemetery. There will be a short service with military honors. Only immediate family will be in attendance. Per Norman’s wishes, he did not want a service or funeral.


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