New Veterans’ Board

Happy New Year! Mahalo to those that showed interest in volunteering for the Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans Board. According to our current bylaws, adopted by resolution of membership on May 25, 2013, Revised 09-10-2020, Article II – Board of Directors, officers and Appointees, Under Section 2, it states, “…If an officer or director is unable to complete a full term, the Board of Directors may appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of the term.” Also stated in the bylaws is that, “Each officer and director shall serve a term of two years.”

The departing board has only been in office since Oct. 22, 2019 and so to follow Article II, Section 2, of the bylaws, we have appointed new members of the Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans Board of Directors for the remainder of their two year term, as follows:

Departing Commander – Longie Dudoit
New Commander – Lawrence Lasua

Departing Vice-Commander – Sam Hulu Jr.
New Vice-Commander – Lonnie Ka’ai

Departing Treasurer – John Ka’alekahi Sr.
New Treasurer – Weldon Wichman

Therefore, a new election will not be held until November 2021 for the next board of directors. Those of you that did come in to the center and placed your name on the volunteer list by the Dec. 15 deadline, you will be contacted to help fill other director positions that are available. We apologize for any confusion that our previous letter might have caused any of you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 553-8387. The center is open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Lawrence K. Lasua, Commander


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