New Vending Machines

Photo Courtesy Molokai Dispatch Staff.

Travelers frequenting the Ho`olehua Airport will greeted by two shiny new newspaper vending machines recently installed by The Molokai Dispatch. Both machines are coin-operated and dispense papers for $.50 each.

“The vending machines are a step forward for us. They offer our travelers a convenient way to access the paper and at the same time, offer our advertisers increased visibility,” said Dispatch Publisher Todd Yamashita.

The papers will continue to be distributed free to the airport and elsewhere around Molokai. However, papers at the free locations tend to run out quickly, while vending machines should remain stocked throughout the week, according to Yamashita.

The sporty Molokai-green machines are located in both the arrivals and departures areas of the airport. Yamashita said there are plans for two additional machines to be installed around the island, with their locations currently under discussion.

“Our bottom line is important. As the only newspaper on Molokai, and with newspapers failing around the world, we need to make sure we continue to survive by diversifying our revenue,” said Yamashita. “The new machines should allow us to earn some extra change and provide an additional way for local businesses to advertise.”

Large photo-quality decals on the front, left and right sides of the vending machines are being offered advertisers on a yearly basis. Because advertising space is limited in these high-profile locations, Yamashita said businesses interested in advertising at the airport should reserve their ads as soon as possible.

Some of the proceeds from the new machines will also be shared with the Blind Venders Association, which supports the visually impaired in Hawaii and manages airport vendors.

To find out more about advertising opportunities call The Molokai Dispatch at 808-552-2781, or email Sales@TheMolokaiDispatch.com .


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