The New Molokai

Thirty years ago I knew almost everyone on Molokai. Today, many new faces from new places. Traffic jam in Kaunakakai – on barge day, trucks and cars line up to pick up goods. When shopping in Friendly Market or Misakis I say, “Hi,” and they say, “Welcome to Molokai”….how ya figga?

Today, the Molokai Planning Commission, which was created by Molokai for Molokai, is micromanaged by Maui County; rules and policies are imposed on the kamaaina. Molokai has the highest electric and gas prices in Hawaii.  To fly out of Molokai you have to own Bank of Hawaii.  So Molokai – wake up and smell the Pua Keni Keni. Where are we going…parking meters, elevators, traffic lights, etc.?

Change is here, but what is mo bettah?  New Molokai?  Present Molokai or past Molokai? 

Larry Helm


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