New Molokai Swimmers Compete

The Molokai High School swim team sent three of their novice swimmers to alst weekend’s meets, all of whom started their swimming career strong.

Michael Onofrio was the only one to have swum at a previous meet, and dropped four seconds off his 100-yard freestyle.

“It’s showing how much he’s learning,” said coach Jessie Ford. “Swimming takes a while to put all the…fine tuning together.”

Kala Helm and Randy Jacobs also swam at the meet, setting their individual “benchmark” times.

“It’s really exciting, [and] fun to see all the work they’ve done this season,” Ford said. “I thought they looked great and raced well.”

Ford said she expects to take the full squad of eight swimmers to next weekend’s Maui Interscholastic League (MIL) championship meet, and hopes a few race qualifying times for Saturday’s meet.

“It’s really anybody’s game, they have a lot of potential,” she added.

The team will head to Kihei Aquatic Center this weekend, Jan. 28-29.


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