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New MEO Bus

Photo courtesy of Yolanda Reyes

By Catherine Cluett Pactol

A new bus was blessed at Maui Economic Opportunity (MEO) Molokai last week. The 18-seat bus is the 13th bus in MEO’s Molokai fleet and is equipped with a wheelchair lift as well as seat harnesses built into the seats, according to Yolanda Reyes, MEO Molokai branch director.

“It will be used for all transportation routes but mainly for our Head Start children as their chair harnesses are already built in on each seat,” said Reyes. “Previously we needed to install each seat harness when there was an excursion for the children but now they are already built in.”

The bus can fit at least 15 children on board, she said.

Rep. Lynn DeCoite was in attendance at the small ceremony, and Uncle Jimmy Duvauchelle offered the blessing. State funding covered the cost for the new bus.

“We are very thankful for such a blessing for us to continue to service the community of Molokai,” said Reyes.


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