New Maui County Ordinance


The Molokai Police Department has recently received complaints from our community about lifted pickup trucks with protruding tires, and pickup trucks that are traveling on the highways with passengers riding improperly within the bed of the truck. A Maui County Ordinance is being provided to make the Molokai community aware of the law and to keep Molokai’s roadways safe for everyone.

No person shall operate on any highway any motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer unless equipped with fenders, covers or devices, including flaps or splash aprons or unless the body of the vehicle or attachments thereto afford adequate protection to effectively minimize the spray or splash of water or mud to the rear of the vehicle.

This law makes it the responsibility of the operator of a truck with large protruding tires, to properly cover the tires with fenders, covers or devices. This helps prevent rocks, dirt, mud, water etc. from being projected and causing a motor vehicle accident.

UNLAWFUL RIDING $72.00 (fine)

No person shall ride, and no person driving a motor vehicle shall allow any person to ride, on any portion of a vehicle not designed or intended for the use of passengers. This provision shalt not apply to employees engaged in the necessary discharge of a duty, or to persons riding within truck bodies and within trailers in a space intended for merchandise provided, however, no operator shall allow any person to ride or be upon, and no person shall at any time ride or be upon any load of, merchandise or other articles on any such truck or trailer while such vehicle shall be in motion.

If you are riding in back of a pickup truck, you need to be properly seated within the bed area. Sitting on the tailgate, side rails, any type of hunting cage, or standing in the bed area are violations of this ordinance. Let’s work together to keep Molokai safe for everyone.

Stafford “Lani” Caparida
Community Police Officer
Molokai District


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