New Interactive News Source for Maui

The future is now for Maui County residents who don’t want to rely on Honolulu media outlets for their news. Maui.Today.TV is taking advantage of a new concept – a “television” channel on the Internet.

The MauiToday.TV Web site provides its viewers with everything a local news station would; news coverage, sports updates and community events. The site even has its own news anchors. But because of the diversity its Web format allows, MauiToday.TV is able to offer much more than a simple news segment on a television channel ever could.

Ken Martinez Burgmaier is the news director and production manager for the Web site. Burgmaier says that while the site delivers breaking local news stories and has its own professional crew, it also embraces the slogan, “Broadcast Yourself.”

“We really want people of Maui Nui to submit their videos to MauiToday.TV of any type of event, fun content, serious content, sports, whatever,” said Burgmaier.

MauiToday.TV is motivating potential contributors by offering $100 to the best weekly submission. Two new contests, yet to be launched, are “Battle of the Bands” and “Bikini Babe.” The winner of “Battle of the Bands” will have their song played on KHOA radio.

Never uploaded video content to the Web before? No worries, MauiToday.TV also provides a video tutorial that will take you step by step through the process.

The site also has links to various web cams, enabling surfers to check wave conditions without ever leaving their computer screen. If it’s going off, surfers can have a buddy film their session and then upload it to MauiToday.TV’s surf video section.

MauiToday.TV also has a section devoted to government and legal actions effecting Maui residents.

To learn more about the site, please visit at MauiToday.TV.


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