New Ho’olehua Center Hewa

In response to “Construction Begins on Veterans and Homestead Center,” in the Oct. 5 issue, it is sadly disappointing, after all these years, they still refuse to do the right thing.  

The Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans riff raff board of misfits have been in cahoots with our elected political okoles from day one, thus they shamelessly kahea for our Lanikeha scam, despite our third and last call for their removal, with a vote of 38 to 1, that was made on June 15, 2018. 

In early February 2018, an ad hoc committee was created to review all pertinent grants and documents supporting the proposed Veterans Homestead scam.

Mahalo to our volunteers who did their due diligence in recognizing all those involved with the disappearance of our $400,000 grant proposal that was never submitted.  In the meantime, out from the kuahiwi’s of Ho’olehua, our ho’okupu of $4 million is being paraded by our long time political okoles, begging to be spent, but under phony conditions. 

This is no mystery, in the origin and goal of this self-created hewa, nor are we confused with any misunderstanding when we have long time elected political okoles locked up for bribery!

Samuel L. Kealoha, Jr.


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