New EIS an Improvement

A satirical look at the proposed La`au development.

Well any one who thought that there would be no improvements with Molokai Ranch’s new EIS is totally wrong. The font style used on the front cover of the EIS is absolutely beautiful and displays a distinct style that is both inspiring and thoughtful.  

In regard to the EIS I have a suggestion that could really work if implemented. I was reflecting on an old science fiction movie the other night called “Silent Running”. Not sure if anyone remembers this flick or not but in the movie the last bit of ecological habitat left in the universe is concealed in what appears to be a giant plexi glass dome.

But here’s my thought, rather than put the area of ecological habitat inside the dome, we put the development inside. Think of it, the La’au development could be inside a giant plexi glass dome. You might ask what are the advantages 1) Those who live in the dome would be totally isolated from the rest of the community and wouldn’t have to deal with insults or bad vibes (2) the dome would conceal unwanted noise from encroaching hunters and shield from the occasional stray bullet (3) Phobic mainlanders and outsiders who can’t handle insects and wild life could live in a remarkably clean and antiseptic environment (4) With no available water for La’au, a plexi glass dome could work something like a giant green house collecting moisture on it’s walls. (5) Plexi glass is transparent and still offers outstanding views. This is extremely important when taking real estate values into consideration. 

There are certain complexities that would have to be dealt with such as bird kukae collecting on the upper portion of the dome but this issue could be easily dealt with. In fact, with the EC board no longer having to be pestered by the community, it is possible that this board could take the time necessary to plan and strategize such a design.  I am exited as we reach out to protect the people who will live at La’au and help to prosper those who will benefit from such a project. 

Mahalo,Steve Morgan


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