New Branch Manager at American Savings

The beautiful staff at American Savings Bank. From left to right: exiting branch manager Charlene Aquino, Grace Young, new branch manager Jodi Puaoi, Taija-Rae Espaniola, Nicky Kanemitsu-Toa, Ka`iulani Pauole, and Marcie Cameros. Missing from the picture is Toni Joao.

By Léo Azambuja 

Exciting news in town! Jodi Puaoi will be stepping up to the position of branch manager at the American Savings Bank.

Puaoi has been working for 11 years at the bank, starting as a bank teller. She is currently the bank’s personal banker, helping out customer with loans.

“I’m very excited,” Puaoi said, hardly hiding the proud smile. “I think we’re going to do many great things for the community.”

Puaoi praised the hard-working staff, which went through a major turn over last year. She said she has some new operational ideas, but will first get familiarized with the position.

Farewell to exiting branch manager Charlene Aquino, and congratulations to Puaoi, who will assume the new position on March 26.


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