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National Recycle Day at Kilohana

Community Contributed

Malu Duquette and Maya Lima with a game called, “How long will this man-made item take to decompose?” Photo Courtesy Val Hart.

By Val Hart

To celebrate National Recycle Day on Nov. 15, the Kindergarten and fourth grade students of Kilohana Elementary School presented visual, verbal, and written displays concerning changes humans have made on the world. To support environmental education in the schools and in the community, we are emphasizing the three Rs — Reuse, Reduce and Recycle – and practicing it in our daily lives. Also, by pledging to support positive environmental practices, we are gaining a better understanding about the connections existing between humans, our natural resources, and the natural environment.

Kaua Kaili, and Justice Luafalemana showed a display on erosion, including pictures of the hazardous conditions that develop on our roadways during heavy rains. Reese Tollefson and Gabrielle Miguel displayed pieces of plastic that our birds ingest, thinking it is food, which eventually kills them. Using recycled cups, everyone was able to create and decorate an earth-friendly planter. Other earth-friendly activities promoting good stewardship for the land and the animals were included, with a community movie night and a Kilohana School Community Organization meeting following the event.


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