Nana I Na Kupuna

Molokai, our beloved island home, is like a vessel, a strong doubled-hulled canoe floating upon the Pacific Ocean. Those who live here are the crew, and whether we like it or not, we have all been given the kuleana to care for each other, to care for our resources and to care for our canoe, our island. 

Our resources are limited but self-replenishing, with the fragile ability to provide infinite nourishment and abundance, if properly cared for and protected. 

Our crew is diverse and strong-minded – but unified in our love for the land and sea and in our desire to leave a legacy of abundance for our children and grandchildren.

Our canoe is at once both strong and vulnerable. Reverberating with the mana of those who have gone before us, but at the same time utterly relying on humanity’s right choices and pono stewardship.

Together we are on a voyage to discover Molokai’s destiny. How do we navigate the open ocean and become wayfinders like our ancestors? How do we know the right direction to take when faced with so many choices and challenges? How do we find the way that will return our island and our people to momona – vibrant health, holistic wellbeing and overflowing abundance?

Nana i na kupuna. We look to our kupuna. Embedded in their stories, thoughts, values and lifestyles are keys to understanding our kuleana. The voices of our kupuna guide us in our voyage. They are the navigators keeping careful track of the stars, the moon, and the signs. They see the island, the destination in their minds, and speak with humble voice, will any one listen?

Me Ka Ha`aha`a,

Kauwila Hanchett

Mana`e, Molokai


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