Na’iwa Homesteaders to Benefit from OHA Grant

OHA News Release

Four grants totalling $1.36 million were approved today by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, one of which will serve homesteaders of Na’iwa, Molokai.  

An economic stability grant of $398,000 was awarded to Hawaii Community Lending for its Native Hawaiian Owner-Builder Project which will increase the economic stability of 58 Native Hawaiians in Naʻiwa, Molokai, by establishing a culturally relevant program that will increase access to capital, credit and technical assistance for Native Hawaiians to build and own homes on Hawaiian Home Lands.  

Other funded grants include a $498,660 award to the Purple Maiʻa Foundation for its Malama Design Studio to educate 20 Native Hawaiian business owners through a collaborative design research process that will result in the implementation of a technology solution that can improve their businesses and ultimately cultivate economic development for Hawaiian communities. 

Two Health Community Grants were also announced, including a $220,000 award to Ma Ka Hana Ka ʻIke Building Program for its Mana ʻAina, Mauli Ola project and a $250,000 award to Alu Like, Inc., for its Koho Pono project. OHA’s Health Community Grants supports initiatives, leverages partnerships and engages in strategies to promote healthy and strong families.  

The purposes of OHA’s Economic Stability Community Grant include increasing the number of successful Native Hawaiian-owned businesses and increasing access to capital and credit to strengthen Native Hawaiian businesses and individuals.  

“We are proud to partner with such outstanding entities like Purple Maiʻa, Hawaii Community Lending, Ma Ka Hana ʻIke Building Program and Alu Like, Inc., to address the economic and health needs of our people, and we salute them for their innovative strategies and programs that will serve Native Hawaiians,” OHA Board Chair Carmen “Hulu” Lindsey said.  

In June, OHA announced more than $600,000 in community grant education awards along with ʻAhahui event grants which were the first grant awards to be publicized this year.  

OHA’s Grants Program supports Hawaii-based nonprofit organizations that have projects, programs and initiatives that serve the lahui in alignment with OHA’s Mana i Mauli Ola Strategic Plan.  

For more please visit www.oha.org/strategicplan/.


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