My Pledge

As a settler here in Hawaii,
I pledge my allegiance to this land, these waters, and this community.
I pledge to conduct myself with the utmost respect for the Hawaiian people whose land I am on, and for the land itself.
I pledge to not exploit the resources or people of Hawaii.
I pledge to not forget that I am a guest of the Hawaiian people.
I pledge to learn about the true history of Hawaii and it’s present from the Hawaiian people themselves and not from American books.
I pledge to use my privilege and the resources at my disposal because of that privilege to help uplift those around me.
I pledge to give in ways that are asked of me, to not expect anything in return, and not accept any more than I need to sustain myself.
I pledge to stand up for what is right but only behind or alongside the Hawaiian people, never in front or on top of them.
I pledge to learn from those who have cared for these islands for countless generations.
I pledge to only go where I am invited and have permission to be, to tread lightly wherever I go, and to leave nothing behind but footprints in the sand.

Jayson R. Mizula
Kaunakakai, HI


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