My Molokai Experience

A team of youth who make up the Maui Nui Youth Alliance toils in a mangrove jungle. Removing the invasive trees from the Ali`i Fish Pond was just one of the group’s Molokai experiences.


My Molokai experience was awesome and I would like to thank everyone who made my experience possible. Later in my life, when I am a grandparent, I would like to live on Molokai and teach my grandkids about the culture and the true meaning of aloha; which is, in a nutshell:  embracing differences and not having barriers or stereotyping others. E Komo Mai; welcome, come have fun and learn with us, described best by Kauwila of the Molokai Youth Center, is what I learned the most about my trip.

The Ka Honua Momona Fish Pond is a magical place.  As soon as we started driving up to the fish pond my eyes started taking everything in and as soon as I stepped out of the vehicle I could feel the presence and the history.  I could also feel people putting in their time and their effort for the love of the land.  It was love at first sight.  I can see the fishpond in twenty years with walls all around and kids playing all around the fishpond.  As well as the beauty of the fishpond, I could also see how the mangrove had taken over.  We, the Focus Maui Nui Youth Alliance, were there to put in our time and “Sweat Equity” into the land.  I could also tell that Uncle Merv Dudoit has been doing this for a while, because you could feel his deep influence and presence around the fish pond.

Our host Kauwila is so happy and at peace everywhere she goes on the island. Also, when ever she tells a story or tale, you could imagine being there with her on the trail or living back in the day that she was describing. It is amazing, when I went to Molokai, I found out why they call it the Friendly Isle; the people are always waving, smiling and laughing.  The best way I could describe Molokai is one of Bob Marley’s lyrics, “Sun is shining, Weather is Sweet”.


If I moved on to a different place, and people asked me what Hawaii is like, I would say spend a day on Molokai for the true Hawaiian ambiance and love. In the end, I can see Molokai in twenty years, just the way I had found it this past weekend.


Robert WK Becklund


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