To My Fellow Maui County Residents

After a four-and-a-half year process in trying to get permits to build a center for the Molokai veterans, visiting veterans, and the community, and trying to resolve disputes with County officials, the Molokai Veterans have filed a lawsuit.

The Veterans did not want politics to be involved, all we wanted was a building permit.  The Veterans believe we have been wronged in the process…used, abused, excused, confused, and refused. Too many of our veterans and myself have been affected by this process, and many have died before they could see the dream of the new center built. 

No resident ought to go through a process like we have – it cost both parties time and money. There ought to be a method created for permits and business to be more people-friendly than creating needless obstruction.  Let a trial by jury decide.

Larry Helm, Commander
Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans


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