MVCV Interim Board of Directors

Community Contributed
By George Kahinu, Commander, Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans

On Jan. 27, a special membership meeting was held at our veterans center. The members voted to remove the entire board of directors and elected an interim board to oversee the center until a new, independent election can be held. Why was this action necessary? On May 15, 2023, Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans (MVCV) lost its tax exemption status with the IRS. Tim Meyer was told several times by membership that we needed to get into compliance with the IRS. Now, we are in the process of reinstating our non-profit status. This includes paying a $600 fine and filing a request to the IRS to reinstate MVCV. This should never have happened.
In 2017, there was $54,000 in the bank. By May of 2023, our account had less than $1,000. During this time, they never had a fundraiser. In 2021 and 2022, they didn’t apply for the Maui County grant to pay our utilities. Even if we get the grant money back, our savings are gone. We are conducting an internal audit to find out what happened to the money. We are also going to hold fundraisers to help our financial situation. Finally, they have done nothing to maintain the building and commercial kitchen. The filter was never replaced in the ice machine and it clogged the system. No one has cleaned the exhaust system or stove for years. Vandalism has caused considerable damage to our building. We are in the process of cleaning up the kitchen and should be able to open it soon. We have also installed security cameras and lights to stop the vandalism.
In spite of all these problems, Tim Meyer has insisted that MVCV enter into a lease on a building in Hoolehua without any operating funds. He has refused to bring the lease up for a vote by the membership. We will talk with Hawaiian Home Lands and work with them to determine how best to use the new building in Hoolehua. The Interim Board consists of George Kahinu, Commander, Mac Poepoe, Co-Commander, Ronald Cabanting, Secretary, Romero Castillo, Treasurer and John Aki, Sergeant at Arms. Our job is to make sure the organization created by Larry Helm and Patsy Bird is financially secure and operating in accordance with its mission. We want the next board of directors to take over without dealing with a lot of problems that could have been avoided. We are reaching out to all members and the community to help us out. In memory of Larry Helm and Patsy Bird, let’s get back to our goal of helping out all veterans.


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