Mule-Sized Gratitude

There hasn’t been a day since we’ve started up again where a mule rider hasn’t expressed his or her appreciation for being here on Molokai. To quite a few of our patrons, Molokai is their favorite island. It isn’t so much the scenery, the beaches or even the mule ride that generates such positive comments; it’s the people of Molokai who have made this place a favorite for many, many of our patrons and visitors.

In the past few months we have been recipients of the benevolence and support of many people in the community. Without their help, it would have been difficult for us to get back on our feet. We would like to openly thank Senators Clayton Hee and the Honorable Daniel Inouye for the help they gave to us in getting the construction of the bridge going; the National Park Service for providing us with work on the trail and keeping us informed of its progress; Hikiola for trusting and allowing us to continue picking up feed for the mules; RW Meyers for being so generous in letting our mules remain at the barn;  Rawlins Chevron for keeping our fuel account open; Rob and the Molokai Chamber of Commerce; Teri and Kalele Bookstore for being our downtown headquarters and providing information for our visitors during our absence; and the many well wishers and concerned members of the community. Catherine Cluett of The Molokai Dispatch, mahalo for your updates and checking on us from time to time. We are extremely grateful.

It isn’t only during the holiday season that we feel the aloha, but throughout the year, and we at the Kalaupapa Mule Ride would like to express our sincere gratitude to all.  May the Lord’s blessings touch each of your lives as it has touched ours.

Mahalo piha,

Bruddah Roy, Buzzy, our wives


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