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The marine biology study notes, “Preservation of offshore and shoreline resources for subsistence gathering is of great importance to the people of Moloka‘i. Therefore, perpetual right to subsistence gathering will be noted on the titles of the areas to be preserved. Protections to subsistence gathering will be specified in the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) for L?‘au Point. The CC&Rs will establish policies that permit subsistence gathering and cultural practices, as well as permit the hiring of resource managers to maintain the subsistence lifestyle.”

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The EIS also states, “Based on the community-proposed access plan, protection of the offshore coastal resources at L?‘au Point would best be achieved by controlling access to the area so that the community can retain the area for subsistence gathering. A management plan will be developed and adopted to regulate the use of the land and ocean resources to ensure the continuance of the resources for future generations.”

John Sabas, General Manager of Community Affairs for Moloka‘i Ranch, said, “Those who claim that the proposed development and the Community-Based Master Plan will jeopardize our ocean resources are mistaken. It is the status quo—which allows unrestricted commercial fishing and gathering, and the absence of an alternative plan to end the negative effects of sediment in Molokai’s coastal waters—that have resulted in the decline of marine resources and negatively affected those who practice a subsistence lifestyle.”

Sabas added: “I believe that people who read the plan and the environmental studies in the EIS will see that there are very good reasons to support what is being proposed.”


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