More Shark Attacks?

As an ex-commercial fisherperson who watched and spoke to people who fished during eth tsunami, I am concerned for those who may casually enter the water thinking things may be the same as usual.

No longer do I eat fish because of health problems but I still dive for dead shells. My encounters with predatory fish have been much reduced and some fish have actually greeted me while in the water, seeming to know that I was not there to kill them.
Since many fish were caught during the tsunami and likely few shark, if any, it would explain the abundance of shark sightings in some places.

Since there is less food now for the shark it would seem a logical step that a hungry shark would try a new menu (as the Galapagos shark has done with baby seals in the Northwest Hawaiian islands), especially in muddy waters and at dawn and dusk, their most favorite time.

Karen Ashley


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