Monkey Business

New store opens at Coffees of Hawaii

Colorful kites are now flying in Kualapu`u, attracting residents and visitors to the newest sundry shop on Molokai, Blue Monkey.

Inhabiting the previous gift shop space at the Coffees of Hawaii plantation, Big Wind Kite factory owners Jonathan and Daphene Socher are expanding their current operations and bringing their unique products to a larger space.


Socher said response from the community has been nothing short of outstanding, and feels business will continue to flourish despite the downfalls other local stores have experienced the past few months.


“We’ve been up in Maunaloa for over 30 years so this new location gives people the opportunity to visit us more than once a year without having to trek to far out of town,” he said.


But success won’t only come by location. While much unused Big Wind Kite Factory inventory have been brought to the new store, Socher is making Blue Monkey less of a gift shop or gallery and more of a local specialty store. Musical instruments, guitar strings, furniture, brightly colored pareos and a variety of other merchandise have been requested by customers and will be available for the community.

“We actually listen to the customers. Strange, but it works!” Socher joked.

Coffees of Hawaii also welcomed back their popular Sunday band, Na Ohana Hoaloha, that will be performing on the deck from 2-5 p.m. If the live music and vibrant décor doesn’t catch your attention, Socher hopes the shop’s name will raise your curiosity and lure you in.

“The name is just funny, it promotes interest in what we could possibly have to offer, Socher said.”

Blue Monkey is open weekdays and Saturdays from 10am – 2 pm and Sundays from 1-5 pm. 


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