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Money Available for Farming Conservation

Community Contributed

Provided by Wally Jennings

The Ho`olehua Field Office is seeking land owners and managers that would be interested is conservation practices to address resource concern to come sign-up of conservation planning.  This service is free and may offer opportunities for assistance do conservation on farmed and ranched lands.

Through the Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, two programs are available for Molokai farmers to assist in wildlife habitat and erosion and conservation techniques.

WHIP – Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program – assists landowners with wildlife habitat. The grant offers up to $50,000 per year for privately owned ag land and non-industrial private forest land where at-risk flora and fauna reside.

Structural, vegetative and management practices include cover crop, a watering facility or harvesting catchment, native tree/shrub establishment and windbreak establishment.

EQIP – Environmental Quality Incentives Program – helps farmers and ranchers engaged in livestock or ag production with land and water quality.

Structural and incentive practices include waste transfer, waste storage facility, waste utilization; cover crop; watering facility and harvesting catchment; nutrient management, pest Management; and grazing management. The program awards up to $300,000 per individual or entity over a five year period.

For more information or to sign up, contact Wally Jennings, district conservationist, at 567-6868 extension 105, or at wally.jennings@hi.usda.gov


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