Molokai’s Keiki Take First Drops Toward Surf Stardom

Andy Irons and Kelly Slater move aside. The new generation of young rippers is ready to claim the world surfing title. Well, not quite—maybe on two decades from now. But the keiki who competed last Saturday in the Ko Molokai Keiki `O Ke Kai surfing contest put on an impressive display of skills for such young riders.

The contest finished around 2 p.m. and the small crowd slowly dispersed. But the competition is far from over. This was the first leg of this year’s summer surf series. The next contests will be on June 30 and July 14, at 10 a.m., also at Waialua Beach. After the last event, the keiki with most points in each division will be crowned champions. The little rippers might not charge like the pros, yet. But the fun is guaranteed. Bring lots of water, sun-block, and much aloha to see Molokai’s future chargers have a great morning of fun.

Angelsea said everyone who works in the contests is a volunteer. Friendly Isle United Way is the contest’s main sponsor. Quicksilver, Billabong, BZ and Channel Islands are among some surfing brands that have provided clothing for winner’s prizes. Other local sponsors include Friendly Market and Kamo`i Snack n Go. Anyone seeking information, looking to volunteer or to donate prizes, please call 558-8810.


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