Molokaians Are Hurting

…and the local, state and federal governments ought to step in.

When inter-island travel has become prohibitively expensive, controlled by just one airline… the government ought to step in. It is incomprehensible and unacceptable when one person or a family has to travel to Maui or Oahu for a locally non-available medical or dental procedure and has to pay close to $200/person round trip every time they travel. We need subsidized travel by air/boat made available to all Molokai residents.

When one company controls the shipment of goods to Molokai and has raised their rates by 60 percent… the government ought to step in. It is incomprehensible to have to buy essential food items (milk, bread, produce) at astronomical prices, which local residents cannot afford. One gallon milk at close to $8, one loaf of bread close to $6, one head of lettuce $2-3. This not not acceptable. We need subsidized goods and delivery interventions to bring down the prices, especially the cost of groceries.

When fuel costs are one of the highest in the state/nation… the government ought to step in. In a rural/farming community when ranchers and farmers who heavily depend on their motorized equipments to generate income, it is incomprehensible to have to buy fuel close to $5/gal and expect that at the end of the day the farmer/rancher will financially survive. We need subsidized fuel availability.

I observe people on Molokai and they are hurting. It is the duty and responsibility of the local, state and federal governments to step in and step up their efforts to help residents of Molokai to survive and make ends meet.


Ketty Mobed


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  1. Scotty says:

    I agree Ketty, the cost of living is outrageous on Molokai! There was a time when Molokai airport had 737. ‘S landing, a resort with visitors on the west end, a ferry to Maui, and services to support all that. Now we have put those awful times behind us and no longer have even short term rentals thanks to Keani Rawlins. We can all look forward a tougher economy. Maybe it’s time to plant our own cabbage, raise some of our own cows for milk, bake our own bread, and ride the public transit to save on gas! Molokai has chosen a different path. The time is now to celebrate those choices, and enjoy the fruits of our ideals! At least we have the blessing of the barge coming in…for now.

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